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This site is primarily for the descendants of the following families:

- George Louis Osten (1845 - 1913) and Henrietta Meyer (1853 - 1931)

- Anson Carrier (1812 - 1875) and Jerusha Dillie Eddy (1810s - 1880s)

- Abner Anson Carrier (1832 - 1870) and Laura Anna Carey (1831 - 1890)

- William Harkins (1825 - ??) and Rose Ann McHugh (1834 - ??)

- William Edward Harkins (1858 - 1916) and Julia Maria Carrier (1867 - 1943)

- Jabez Cary Jr (1727 - ??) and Martha Gilbert (1728 - ??)


The emphasis is on families descended from William Harkins and Rose Ann "Rosa" McHugh and George "Louis" Osten and Henrietta "Mary" Meier.  In the future we hope to provide a little more public information on the above individuals (their ancestors, and one or two generations down and up).  In the meantime, you might look at these sites:

* Carrier Genealogy - The best Carrier website out there that concerns our Carriers (run by Neal Carrier)
* Carrier Family Tree - Also run by Neal Carrier (replaced by above site)
* The Carrier Family Census Records - Contains information on Ansor Carrier descendants
* Eddy Family Association - Covers Jerusha Dillie Eddy, wife of Anson Carrier

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